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Yoga Me Blac

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Taminka Jones has been a practicing yogi for over a decade, receiving her 200-hour RYT and numerous other certifications. In 2018 she turned that passion into a business, starting Yoga Me Blac to open up “access to liberating and conscious yoga practice to people of color”.

Offering a mix of group classes and private lessons, Taminka was able to establish a consistent client base and revenue. As she saw success, she was interested in figuring out how to increase her revenue to grow the business.

That’s when Taminka reached out to The Exchange at Beverly Gray to learn more about how WMBE certification could help her grow the business.

The Exchange helped Taminka prepare and submit her WMBE application right as COVID-19 hit. As a result of her certification, Yoga Me Blac has secured contracts with the public school system, as well as additional private event contracts.

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