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Entrepreneur Enrichment Program




12 Weeks

About the Course

Program Description

This flexible course is designed to provide information, tips, exercises, and tools to help you refine your business concept. EEP connects aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to the information, frameworks, and resources needed to start and grow a business. You will have access to content, templates, and tools as you progress through five modules that mirror the entrepreneurial journey. By the end of the course, you will have developed and refined your entrepreneurial vision into a thoroughly researched and tested business plan.

Course Sections

  1. Ideate: Assess your entrepreneurial traits and personal priorities to better understand how your business goals might be affected by your strengths or weaknesses and your personal vision

  2. Position: Identify critical attributes of the business landscape and your customer that will help you transform your idea into a business. Learn about legal structures that are best suited to your business, and you’ll start to think about how you’ll exit your business when the time comes.

  3. Commit: Identify your funding needs, then learn how to protect your intellectual property, your business, and yourself from legal risks.

  4. Refine: Measure and analyze your financial results against your previous predictions. Learn what advisors and boards might do to help you as you work to launch then think about how you might fund your business. Finally, learn how to build and communicate the plan for your business with potential funders and others.

  5. Launch: Consider your leadership style, your company’s culture, and how to manage the exciting challenges of growing a business. Learn about best practices in process management and identify the success metrics that make sense for your business. You’ll forecast the financial future for your company and think about how to set yourself up for success. Finally, you’ll plan for worst-case

scenarios and envision the best-case scenario—when you exit!

Your Instructor

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

More Info to come!

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