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Growing podcast studio opens in bigger space in the Exchange at Beverly Gray

"We needed more space and we needed something that was a bit more conducive to the type of quality we were looking to put on with our content," he said.

So in 2021, he moved operations to the Exchange at Beverly Gray, a business development center that helps residents open their own businesses, at 334 E. Utica St., at the corner of Jefferson Avenue. Beverly Gray was a City Council member and community advocate, especially for East Buffalo.

"I was in a suite there for about a year and realized that I needed a bigger space because we were growing so fast," Crews said.

Fortunately, a bigger suite opened up across the hall and Podhub has moved in. The additional space has allowed the company to add new equipment, such as a teleprompter, and new services, such as social media assistance. It can also accommodate more people, including its new on-site engineers.

Specializing in video podcasts, the studio is outfitted with an array of stylish sets. In addition to video and audio production, the studio offers editing and distribution, as well as a slew of add-on services, such as livestreams, remote interviews, video and audio transcription and behind-the-scenes photos. Rates are charged per episode, with a la carte services available for additional charges.

Click the picture to read the whole article at Buffalo Next by Samantha Christmann of the Buffalo News

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