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Laura Lees BBQ

Laurletha came to The Exchange wanting to continue the legacy of her grandmother Laura Lee Sander in the form of a cooking business. This wasn't just any business. Laurletha started a family Mobile BBQ food truck to finish what my grandmother started. For her, the passion for cooking and being good at it has been handed down from generation to generation. "I shine in the kitchen, and it shows in my food," Laurletha said. "Every job I get in a kitchen, I move up very quickly from what I know my grandmother would always come as if it was a restaurant to see me cook even while battling cancer.

Laurletha decided she wanted to give back to the community. She formed a nonprofit foundation to provide free fresh food to the kids and coaches of little league sports, hospitals, and the homeless. She decided to take it a step further and created a food truck offering a variety of food, from BBQ ribs and chicken, homemade sauces, fire-roasted street corn, and much more. She took her savings and bought an RV to create a food truck. From there, she came to The Exchange at Beverly Gray, where she learned about the KIVA crowd-funding program. KIVA allowed Laurletha to fund her dream by raising $10,000 from over 100 donors. With support from teams like PayPal, LISC Small Business, and TripAdvisor, Laurletha is now on her way to making her dreams come true.

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